Max Planck Florida Foundation

Excellent research requires extraordinary commitment. To support the work of the Max Planck Florida Institute the Max Planck Florida Foundation was established with a mission to attain private philanthropic support from individuals, corporations, and foundations across the United States by organizing and coordinating all fundraising programs in support of the mission, objectives, and programs of the Institute.  The Max Planck Florida Foundation is governed by a board of trustees and is led by its President, Barbara Noble.

We’re happy to be in our new home!

MPFI EntranceIn June, we moved into our new, 100,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art research facility in Jupiter giving us the room we need to continue our research in optimum conditions. What began with a visionary mission in 2008 has now materialized into a bricks-and-mortar reality: The Max Planck Florida Institute now stands as a leading neuroscience research facility focused on the nervous system and its capacity to produce perception, thought, language, memory, emotion and action. This research may hold the key to treating a host of neurological and psychiatric disorders and diseases more effectively.

Revolutionize your world by supporting ours

If you think your gift to the Max Planck Florida Institute can be world-changing, you are right – on both a local and a global level. At the heart of the Max Planck Institute are its researchers – they are the best in their field, using their extraordinary expertise and, above all, their curiosity and creativity to develop and advance innovative thematic and methodological approaches to study brain function. Our research is the catalyst for innovation and discovery.  It lays the foundation for a strong, viable knowledge-based economy while enriching our science education at all academic levels.

Your contribution can make a difference in the work we do, regardless of how large or small…because every gift is an investment in finding the next great discovery that will positively impact human kind.

If you share our vision, there is an important role for you!